lakkari art x teacherlatte

Lakkari Pitt is a proud Gamilaroi yinarr (woman) from Walgett, North West New South Wales. Lakkari's art is a contemporary take on the knowledge that her Elders and significant people in her life have passed down throughout generations. Lakkari’s art explores the movement, essence and stories of Country.⠀⠀

Lakkari acknowledges that First Nations people across Country have different interpretations and understandings of symbols used throughout Aboriginal art.

Each stamp will come with a card including a title in Gamilaroi language (along with a translation), meaning, short description and relevance to student’s learning. Please note that all descriptions are described first-hand by Lakkari.

the future of the world is in my classroom.

TEACHERLATTE is a (very) small business based in Melbourne, Australia. Everything we do is for the love of teaching, from making punny stamps to bright accessories. We are proud to say all personalised items are made and lovingly packed in our creative studio with sustainable packaging using only carbon neutral delivery.

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