By Clean Canvas

Lakkari Art FAQs

Q) The titles are in Gamilaroi language, is this ok for me to use if I don’t live on Gamilaroi Country?

The stamps are described in Gamilaroi language solely because this is where Lakkari is from, this knowledge has been passed down throughout generations from her family, Elders and significant people in her life.

We highly encourage you to connect with your local Aboriginal community to learn what unique name or title each symbol (or what the symbol is representing) has in for the specific language group where you live.

If you have gained this knowledge, Lakkari encourages you to ‘rename’ them, use the local language and teach this to your kids! This need to be done respectfully, following local protocols.

Q) Is this the only way to represent these symbols?

There are many tribes, language and nation groups across Country. Each tribe and language group will have their own unique style and interpretation of symbols.

Lakkari express that the way these symbols have been represented for the purpose of our stamp collection ARE NOT the only way you can symbolise them. Aboriginal people have many interpretations of symbols used throughout their art which differs across Country.

Q) Can I use these stamps if I am non-Indigenous?

Yes. Our collection is designed to respectfully invite and educate teachers and students of all nationalities and ethnicities to learn about the rich and dynamic use of Aboriginal symbols and culture.

These stamps are not only intended to bring culture into the classroom, but to educate both the teacher and student on the meaning behind the symbols. It is a great way to show respect to Aboriginal culture and symbolism in Aboriginal Art.

Q) Can I use these stamps anywhere across the country?

Yes. It is okay for you to use these stamps in your classroom no matter where you live [unless you have consulted with your local community otherwise].

We warmly invite you and your students to continue to listen and learn about the culture and history of the traditional land on which you live, grow and work on.