Tagai Stamp

Tagai Stamp

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The star constellation represents Tagai in the Milky Way. Tagai stands on a canoe and holds a spear (Southern Cross) in his left hand and a fruit in his right hand. Torres Strait Islanders still look to Tagai for navigation, as his left hand points to the south. The stars tell Islanders when to hunt dugong and turtle, when to plant their gardens, when the monsoon season arrives and when the winds change.
  • Stamp size: 32 mm
  • Shape: round
  • Stamp shell: island blue 
  • Ink: black 

About the artist: 


Mooki Pen is a Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait Islander) artist born and raised in Mackay, QLD and descends from Badu and Mer.


Mooki Pen acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Yuggera country on the land which she resides on and pays respect to those past, present & emerging. 


All royalties made directly support the artist and Torres Strait Islander organisation, Our Islands Our Home to support local communities in Zenadth Kes.