Empowerment Pin

Empowerment Pin

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The Empowerment Pin was designed with raised clenched fists, a symbol that has been used to empower and uplift our people during times of struggle and to unite us in times of solidarity.

Pin the badge to our beautiful lanyards, your tote bag or jacket lapel or tee, it's the perfect accessory. 

Special features:

  • 31.75 mm h x 30.73 mm w
  • hard enamel metal 
  • gold detailing
  • polished to perfection 

About the artist:

Lakkari Pitt is a proud Gamilaroi yinarr (woman) from Walgett, North West New South Wales.

Lakkari's art is a contemporary take on the knowledge that her Elders and significant people in her life have passed down throughout generations. Lakkari’s art explores the movement, essence and stories of Country.

Royalties made directly support the artist and First Nations led organisations.

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