Educator Stamp Set

Educator Stamp Set

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Our bestselling feedback stamps is now bundled in a set, essential in any teacher's kit. The Educator Kit Stamp Set includes must have educational tools to assist with marking and providing prompt feedback. Feedback is an important part of effective learning and can improve a student's self-awareness, enthusiasm and confidence for learning.
Included in the Educator Kit Stamp Set are 16 premium pre-inked stamps:
  • Show your working out (blue ink)
  • Worked in pairs (pink ink)
  • Add more details (black ink)
  • Working above and beyond (purple ink)
  • Working towards learning goal (orange ink)
  • Absent (blue ink)
  • Don't forget punctuation (pink ink)
  • Your next step is... (green ink)
  • Self-assessed (red ink)
  • Completed as a class (black ink)
  • Edit your writing (orange ink)
  • Verbal Feedback (blue ink)
  • Teacher Assisted (red ink)
  • Independent Work (green ink)
  • Learning Intention (orange ink)
  • Incomplete Work (purple ink) 


  • Achieve up to hundreds of clear impressions when re-inked
  • Stamp size: 32 mm
  • Shape: round

Please note stamp shell will be selected at random from a range of colours i.e. blue, yellow, pink, green and purple. 

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