Elephant Pin

Elephant Pin

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"Once common throughout Africa and Asia, elephant populations have experienced significant declines over the last century. The greatest threat to African elephants is poaching for the illegal ivory trade, while Asian elephant populations are most at risk from habitat loss and resulting human-elephant conflict." - WWF

Pin the Elephant Badge to our beautiful lanyards, your tote bag or jacket lapel or tee and raise awareness about this vulnerable species. 

Special features:

  • 31.1 mm h x 31.8 mm w
  • hard enamel metal badge
  • silver detailing
  • polished to perfection 

 About the artist:

Courn Ahn (she/her)is a multidisciplinary designer, illustrator, and freelance creative based in Portland, Oregon. Her direct experience as a Korean American has largely shaped her career philosophy, serving as inspiration for the social justice advocacy present in her creative work. 

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