Yang Animal Zodiac Stamp Set

Yang Animal Zodiac Stamp Set

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The Yang Animal Zodiac Stamp Set celebrates the learning dispositions of 6 animals belonging to the Yang signs. According to Ancient Chinese philosophy, the world is made up of Yin and Yang, two opposite forces which are interconnected within the natural world. 

The Yang Animal Zodiac Stamp Set includes 6 premium pre-inked stamps which will last a lifetime when re-inked and can achieve up to hundreds of crisp impressions.

  • Monkey
  • Tiger
  • Rat
  • Horse
  • Dragon
  • Dog

    Special features:

    • Special edition custom coloured stamp shells to signify happiness, joy and prosperity in East and Southeast Asian cultures
    • TEACHERLATTE logo specially imprinted in gold foil to symbolise good fortune
    • Released in 2022 to celebrate the Year of the Tiger
    • Stamp size: 32 mm
    • Shape: round

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